Contained Powder Transfer Valve (CPT)

Kenyon’s Contained Powder Transfer Valve (CPT) is the latest breakthrough design for contained powder transfer in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It facilitates highly contained and dust-less transfer of powdered media from one container or process vessel to another, minimizing operator exposure and product cross-contamination.

The upper part of the CPT is a male valve that is installed on the underside of a portable powder container such as a vessel, a bottle or a bag; the bottom part of the valve is called the female valve and is normally installed at the inlet of a storage tank or process vessel. The unique interlocking mechanism ensures that the CPT can only be opened or closed when the 2 halves of the valve are tightly coupled together. In its separated position, the valves are covered with caps to prevent the male and female valves from contamination.

Salient Characteristics
Dust-free and contained powder transfer
Simple, fast and safe operation
Small & light-weight valve body
Compliant to relevant international standards
Compatible with the various hygienic process connections

Technical Data
Size (Inch): 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” & 8”
Piping Connection: Tri-clamp or other standard hygienic process connections
Body Material: SS316L Stainless Steel
Seal Material: EPDM or VITON (FKM)
Operating Temperature Rating: -20°C to 180°C
Operating Pressure Rating: Up to 3 Bar
Operational Mode: Manual or Pneumatic controlled

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