ETFE Coated Fume Exhaust DUct (FM Approved)

Our state of the art manufacturing plants for Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) coated fume exhaust ducts are equipped with the latest production equipment and complemented with a testing laboratory for strict quality control. Kenyon's ETFE coated stainless steel fume exhaust ducts are manufactured to meet the strict standards set out under Factory Mutual (FM) Research Standards 4922 and 4910. We are one of the few companies in China to have garnered the FM Approval status for our line of ETFE coated stainless steel fume exhaust duct products.

ETFE coated stainless steel fume exhaust ducts are an excellent solution for handling the corrosive fume generated by the various industries such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, chemical processing, petrochemical, and hazardous waste disposal that utilize aggressive chemicals in their production processes. The ETFE coating applied on our ducts far surpasses other materials in chemical resistance and Kenyon's proprietary ETFE coating technology ensures superior bonding to the stainless steel, resulting in a coating that will not delaminate even under harsh utilization environments.

Our ducts, both ETFE coated and un-coated, are simple to install and can be easily field-modified to suit on-site conditions. They come in standard sizes but can also be customized to meet SMACNA and other relevant standards.

The average ETFE thermoplastic coating thickness is around 250 microns
The ducts can withstand continuous use under temperature ranges of -100 to 150 degrees Celsius
The duct sizes range from 100mm to 3,000mm (4" to 120") in diameter and in lengths of up to 1,200mm (4')
We provide SUS304 / 304L / 316 / 316L stainless steel for all duct fittings as well as carbon steel (CS) flanges

Production Process

Duct Fabrication using Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Kenyon’s stainless steel fabrication workshop adopts the most up-to-date duct fabrication techniques that include the use of the C.N.C. Precision Laser Cutting Machine that is able to produce precision cut-outs of complex shapes such as ring flanges to support our stainless steel fabrication process. To maintain a high standard of workmanship, we employ highly skilled sheet metal workers and experienced welders to fabricate our ducts.

Automated Powder Coating Process

With the traditionally labour-intensive spraying process being automated, Kenyon’s patented powder coating process ensures that ETFE coating thickness on our ducts are controlled within a very tight tolerance. This results in a radical improvement in the uniformity and quality of our ETFE coating, enhancing its corrosion resistance properties as pin-hole defects are virtually eliminated.

Quality Control Laboratory

To maintain the highest quality of our ETFE coated duct products, we employ the latest analytical instruments and equipment to perform various testing in our laboratory to ensure that the quality of the incoming materials, semi-finished goods and outgoing products meets the stringent product requirements. Tests carried out include analysis of the quality of raw materials, welding quality, corrosion resistance, peel test, high voltage holiday tests to detect pin-holes and microscopic visual examinations. All tests are carried out to ensure that our products fully meet the specific requirements of clients and the relevant product standards such as the Chinese National Standards (GB), the American SMACNA/ASHRAE standards and the Factory Mutual (FM) Research Standards 4922 and 4910.

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