Giving Back to the Community

At Kenyon, we strive to cultivate a culture of giving back to society as this will not only sharpen our sense of responsibility to the less fortunate but also enhances our sense of fulfillment in helping others.

Kenyon donated the funds and was involved in the design and building of a school for 1,200 students in Sichuan, China after the devastating 2008 earthquake. The school was the first to be completed in Sichuan – less than 7 months after the quake. All 32 classrooms in the school are equipped with computer/interactive white boards.
In 2011, we reached out to the flood victims in Thailand by distributing money and food to a few hundred families in several villages for a period of more than two months.
We visited remote locations to give away money to very poor folks and orphans in Yunnan. The 80 years old lady above had never seen any notes bigger than 100 RBM.
We also donated school buildings to other remote locations such as the 2nd storey classrooms in Nepal and the new (yellow) school building for a minority tribe in Janjue of Sichuan.

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