Mechanical Works

Air Conditioning & Heat Extraction Systems

We design and build clean rooms on a turn-key basis for the electronic industry.

Equipment Hook-Up

We have hooked up a few thousand machines and equipment for Intel, Philips and Maxtor.

Construction of LPG Plant and Chemical Plant Tank

On a turn-key basis, Kenyon has designed, fabricated, and installed several chemical plants according to our clients’ specifications. Equipment installed include reactors, mixing tanks, heat exchanger systems, boiler/heating systems, flow controls, agitators/mixers; with stainless steel, AWC, Teflon, PVDF, double containment and special alloy process piping. We also undertake the installation of De-Ionized (DI) water systems, special floor coatings, scrubbers, waste water treatment systems inclusive of a full range of related instrumentation and control systems.

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