Sanitary Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Sanitary-grade shell and tube heat exchangers by Kenyon are designed to fully comply with the requirements of ASME BPE standards pertaining to sterility, drainability, cleanability and no piping dead legs. Heat exchangers models of the double tube sheet design eliminate the risk of cross contamination by effectively isolating the product fluids from the working fluid. All wetted parts in contact with the product fluids are electropolished to a surface roughness of Ra 0.5μm.

Apart from offering a wide selection of standard off-the-shelf heat exchanger products, Kenyon’s team of highly qualified and experienced design engineers also provides customized heat exchanger solutions based on specific user requirements that fully meet the client’s expectation in terms of performance, budget and schedule.

Performance Features of Standard Heat Exchanger Products :
Fully drainable on the tube side, complying to ASME BPE/cGMP/FDA requirements
Design utilizes a large number of fine tubes making it possible to achieve a large heat transfer area over a small compact volume
Liquid flow rates of up to 14m3/hour
Heat transfer rates of up to 150kW

Typical Applications Include :
Pharmaceutical-Grade Purified Water or Water for injection (WFI)
Clean Steam Generation and Condensing
Temperature control of high purity process systems
Point-of-use cooling and heating
Sampling of high purity products
Heating and cooling of skid mounted process systems such as Clean-in-Place (CIP)

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