At Kenyon, we invest in our people as we recognize that they are key to the success of our projects and to satisfied clients. Our staff are encouraged to continually challenge themselves so that they can reach their full potential and achieve their ambitions. We ensure that they are exposed to all work disciplines and have hands-on capabilities.

We invite independent, hardworking and dedicated individuals who are enthusiastic to learn and grow, and who welcome challenges, to walk the extra mile to join us.

We currently have positions open for the following fields:

1. Instrumentation
2. Mechanical
3. Pharmaceutical Process Equipment fabrication
4. Marketing
5. Electrical
6. Structural

Interested applicants may send their resume to:


At Kenyon, we believe that employees who have a sense of ownership in the company will have a greater sense of pride in their work. Consequently, Kenyon is structured as an employee-owned company to allow everyone in Kenyon the opportunity to buy Kenyon’s shares. English lessons are organized for our foreign engineers and workers. We also conduct regular training and safety programs for our workers.

Kenyon has its own contracted general practitioners (GPs) and will pay for general medical expenses incurred. Our benefit package includes group insurance to cover all staff in case of hospitalization and surgery.

Quality work deserve quality play

At Kenyon, we believe in “working hard and playing hard”. As an incentive to our staff, we organize outings to the Integrated Resorts (IRs) in Singapore. In addition, long serving employees and those who have contributed significantly to the company (including foreign workers), are awarded fully paid leisure trips to New Zealand, Australia, Korea, China and even on a Mediterranean cruise. These outings and leisure trips instill in our staff a strong sense of pride in delivering quality work to our valued clients.

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